SEO Services Melbourne

(Search Engine Optimisation)

What is honest and safe SEO service ?

There are thousands of theses so called SEO experts in the country, unfortunately some from oversees as well, approaching our business, offering SEO, SEM and other services for penies and cents becoming a menace to company owners and marketing managers, promising the earth moon and the stars and delivering on absolutely nothing – NILTCH

Search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) will look in to in excess of 200 mainstream signals for them to rank a website, and keep updating equal amount of refinements through out the year, what most of us don’t understand is Google is trying to give its customers the best site for their search, this is where our wizards out shine over the others,

Dove3The reason for  lack of results are attributed to, these two main reasons,

Absolute lack of knowledge on how to structure a site according to Google requirement, and maintain the best practices of Google.

Greed – signing up clients with a good sales pitch (sometimes locked in to long term contrasts of 6 months to a year) and do nothing, sadly some of the big players in the industry follow this churn and burn principle, as they only want to deal in numbers, this is not a fallacy but from work experience of our team from the past.

Safe SEO Service

A few years back the one of the core reasons for Google to rank a site was, if your website had more external links over your competitor, before long Google figured out that SEO service providers abused this mechanism and some other techniques to rank websites and penalised all sites that used this technique and a few others (Black Hat) this was the start of Penguin and Panda updates by Google to penalise websites that tries to trick Google,

Digital Wiz will never engage in Black Hat techniques such as mentioned above, we are simply too honourable, hence the reason all our clients gets a boost in their ranking just after a Google update, that’s when we open the bubbly liquid to celebrate on most Fridays.Dove2

Call us or make an appointment to meet us for an obligation free chat and an evaluation of your website, forget not this is the goose that lays the golden egg, nourish it and invest well in it, your website is the future of business, generating new business.


Even though Digital Wiz is differentiating its campaigns trough Key Words (Because some clients understands the service like that) we are much more focused on delivering more converting traffic on to the site rather than wait a long time to rank high demand key words.

This is achieved by the extensive experience our team has in understanding Google and its algorithms, putting it simply, we will restructure your website, re write content and administer backend changers to follow the best practices of Google to deliver a phenomenal increase in traffic to your site over time and optimise sales and profits to our esteemed clients.


Website Design, Development and Maintenance.

All businesses need a website in the current digital age – I hope there is no argument there.

What they also need is a FUNCTIONING site, not a photo album to show friends and family.Our experience shows that most websites are outdated and are not following the best practices of Google.


Pay Per Click

This very powerful marketing tool is called Adwords or Pay Per Click,

Every time a person clicks on your website in the “Ad” section, you get charged by Google, even though its powerful and quick to be up and running, this becomes a costly exercise on the long run, hence why Digital Wiz mostly recommend these campaigns only for new websites and highly targeted campaigns.

Social Media

Social Media advertising has become the newest and most cost effective tool since of 2014, mainly involving Face Book

You can set a lot of parameters in FB as to who, when and how many times a add is going to appear on someone’s feed, if done diligently and with professionalism you will be able to generate a healthy flow of converting leads from advertising on FB for most businesses.